ForceField® Panels

Look Great. Perform Even Better.

The ForceField panel and proprietary overlay have been bonded together to reduce the risk of moisture between them. While the overlay creates a barrier that keeps water out, it doesn't affect the permeability of the panel itself, which allows water vapor to escape and promote drying. Once the panels are installed and the seams are taped, the ForceField system prevents air infiltration, which helps create a more energy efficient home. And when the panels are up, you’ll even have the satisfaction of having the best looking job site around.

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Exterior Sheathing With An Integrated Weather Barrier

Install just like standard OSB or plywood sheathing, then tape the seams.

1. Laminated Air & Water Barrier

The ForceField overlay is locked to the panel with an even and consistent distribution of adhesive to maintain a secure fit, even after the panel is cut.

2. Vapor Permeable System

The proprietary vapor permeable smooth-side overlay creates a barrier that keeps water out, but allows water vapor to escape.

3. Structural Wood Sheathing

ForceField starts with our overlay adhered to the smooth side of our premium quality OSB panels with no core voids, knots or splits and edge seal to help prevent moisture intrusion.

Installs Up To 37% Faster Than House Wrap

Because ForceField panels already provide an integrated air and water barrier, you don’t have to add the extra step of installing house wrap. Once the seams are taped, you’re done.

Structure is Protected Immediately Upon Installation

No more worries about whether it’s going to rain on your exposed panels or not. ForceField installs easily and starts protecting the moment they are up. Even its edge seal helps reduce water intrusion which could lead to moisture-related problems.

Installs Just Like OSB or Plywood

No additional training or installation techniques are needed. Simply cut as needed and install just like you would any other OSB or plywood.

The Smooth Side is the Secret

ForceField panels have a high quality engineered wood substrate. Because the overlay is adhered to the smooth side of the OSB panel, it allows for thinner, easier to install seam tape. So it’s less complicated for flashing and finishing of window, door and other details than house wrap.

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Faster Installation With Sizes To Fit Your Needs

Whether your job site calls for 8-foot, 9-foot and 10-foot lengths to help installation move at a rapid pace, ForceField panels have the sizes to meet your demands. Rest assured, each ForceField Panel provides the same protection and ease of installation no matter which length you’re installing.


Take It To The House

The ForceField system eliminates the need for house wrap. When you do away with this step it helps save you time and labor costs, which ultimately lowers your total installed cost. ForceField requires only one installer to tape the seams between the panels. House wrap takes at least two installers. Plus, house wrap requires special attention for window and corner details, whereas ForceField makes it easy to flash windows, doors and other penetrations. You’ll never have to deal with re-working blown off house wrap again.