ForceFieldTM Flex Tape

Peel. Stretch. Stick. Smile. It’s that easy.

If you are used to standard flashing tape that doesn’t stress or flex, ForceField flexible flashing tape will be a revelation. It wraps easily around all window openings and curved details. No more endless cutting, pressing, fitting and hoping the flashing will work. ForceField flex tape makes this part of the job so simple anyone can do it. Simply peel, stretch and stick.

Build It Better®

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  • Conformable peel and stick flashing tape ideal for work around windows and other curved openings
  • Can be used on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints to improve air and moisture holdout
  • Single piece installation
  • Available in 6" and 9" widths
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A Flexible Sill Pan in Seconds

Time is of the essence during construction. And correctly sealing the pan of a window or curved openings is nearly impossible. ForceField flex tape makes it incredibly easy to do because of the stretch technology of this extremely durable tape. Try it once and you’ll become a fan for life.


Take It To The House

The ForceField system eliminates the need for house wrap. When you do away with this step it helps save you time and labor costs, which ultimately lowers your total installed cost. ForceField requires only one installer to tape the seams between the panels. House wrap takes at least two installers. Plus, house wrap requires special attention for window and corner details, whereas ForceField makes it easy to flash windows, doors and other penetrations. You’ll never have to deal with re-working blown off house wrap again.